Critics Say

The familiar critical superlatives don’t capture it. Just go to Meru. It’s a peak experience.

• National Public Radio •

Killing Them Safely is a painstakingly researched and compelling film…. The horrors brought to light in the film have an effect on every American citizen.

• Business Insider •

T-Rex…ticks several boxes but it also transcends them, never condescending in its approach to its subject or her surroundings.

• Indiewire •

The Wanted 18 is beautiful and important and very strange….Making a space to remain inconveniently and honestly human.

• Village Voice •

Victoria is one of the year’s most impressive technical achievements…

• The Guardian •

King Georges is a feast for the eyes, as well as a touching portrait of a master artist in the twilight of his career who realizes he is still hungry for seconds.

• Seattle International Film Festival •

[Drone is a] cool-headed, finely constructed documentary on the newest, most controversial method of warfare.

• The Guardian •

Rules of the Game makes clear how its subjects are all players on a bigger stage, and it’s the system which is wrong in the first place.

• Hollywood Reporter •

[In The Pearl Button] tools associated with fiction are used to tell the truth, and an elegant tone is deployed to disguise a righteous fury.

• Screen Daily •

Here Come the Videofreex delivers an illuminating and moving portrait of these largely unknown, intrepid renegade journalists…

• The Hollywood Reporter •

Mavis! is a cinematic portrait quite capable of converting the uninitiated into acolytes, and elevating casual interest to flood-tide levels of respect and affection.

• Variety •