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At Michigan Tech, feminism is still a scary word. Or rather, it is thought to be an outdated word. With the majority of the student body taking a stance that seems to say “feminism is over,” we have contentiously struggled at UNDER_WIRE to keep the conversation going. Because it’s not over. In fact, right now a whole new wave of feminism is at it’s peak, especially at universities across the country. It is our school that is behind.  A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a response to the way that Les Cook initially handled a sexual assault case on our campus and the blog had nearly 6,000 visitors. This is in contrast to our normal 100-200 visitors per day. Most of the comments were angry not at Les or the administration, but at me which was to be expected. Regardless, there was a conversation started that doesn’t normally exist here. We believe that conversation is the beginning. And it begs the question–what does feminism mean to the students at Tech?

So today, UNDER_WIRE is asking students and faculty across campus to get on Facebook and/or Twitter and tell us what they see feminism as at Michigan Tech. What does it mean to be a feminist here? If you don’t consider yourself a feminist, why not? Why is/isn’t feminism important here?

Please let us know what you think with the hashtag #FeminismIsMTU

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