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We are a group of feminists at Michigan Tech who work to empower women on campus and at other schools where women are underrepresented. In order to highlight these issues, we publish a zine on campus as well as this daily blog. Our aim is to focus on women’s accomplishments without forgetting the struggles that many women still face. We draw from a pool of writers who are interested in a multitude of topics including pop culture, politics, LGBTQ issues, current events and cooking. These diverse areas of interest are anecdotes that address the larger issue of sexism in the world.

If you are interested in contributing to this revolution check out our submission guidelines.

Megan Walsh :: Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

1385638_10202153427460593_1792777493_n-2By day, Megan is a cashier at a food co-op that is exactly how you would think. By night, she watches a lot of television that she quotes endlessly to the dismay of her friends and co-workers. In 2013, she co-founded a publication called Beyond the Glass Ceiling which is now known as UNDER_WIRE. She has worked with PANK Magazine and Tiny Hardcore Press as well as GLAAD as an entertainment media intern. She collects a lot of books that she swears she will read eventually and obsesses over songs on repeat for far too many days. You can find more of her ramblings at @MWalsh15.

Leah Humphries :: Co-Editor & Writer

Leah user picLeah is a former seasonal worker and vagabond traveler turned college student. She spends almost every penny on plane tickets, most recently to China for a study abroad adventure. In 2013 she joined Beyond the Glass Ceiling, now UNDER_WIRE, and has been a passionate political writer and contributing editor. While studying at Michigan Tech she also works documenting app design and helping students with career development. Her interests include vegan cooking, watching documentaries to rival Megan, and slowly starting, but probably never finishing a novel about “Midwest repressed” families. She is currently living and studying in Chengdu and will return to Michigan in January.

Katherine Baeckeroot :: Social Media / Writer

Katherine user picKatherine is a developing yogi who spends most of her time writing, reading, singing off key or speaking Spanish. She helped to co-found UNDER_WIRE when it was Beyond the Glass Ceiling in the winter of 2013. After spending the summer in Madrid, her life plans involve owning cats, drinking coffee and traveling the world one country at a time.



Elsa Roberts :: Writer

Elsa user picElsa is currently a graduate student, pursuing a M.S. in Rhetoric and Technical Communication, but her real calling is to perpetual activism and teaching. She is frequently distracted by planning actions, attending meetings, and fighting people who are wrong on the internet. Her passions are typically aroused by poor city planning for pedestrians and cyclists, casual sexism, poorly constructed arguments, and being told to “chill” about inequality. She is the current Vice President of Secular Woman and can be found tweeting wildly about a variety of subjects at elsalroberts.

Nicole Bonenfant :: Writer 

As the manager of the Michigan Tech women’s basketball team and a student assistant in the athletic communications office, Nicole spends most of her time running errands. She can be seen during most athletic events either in the press box or the scorer’s table looking terribly confused at her stats laptop. when she’s not taking stats at a game or filming basketball practice, she is usually found listening to music at the library and trying to understand her grammar homework.


Brandon Martinez :: Writer

Brandon user picBrandon is avid conversationalist who enjoys meeting people from all walks of life. When he is not rambling on with anecdote after anecdote, you can usually find him in the computer lab writing papers or planning his next travel experience. Through his work coaching in the International Graduate Teaching Assistants Assistance Program he quells his thirst for helping others and embracing cultures by teaching American culture  and English to international students. He considers himself an investigative writer and takes every opportunity to learn something new. Hobbies include: devouring books, pretending to play the drums, cleaning, and writing of many different styles.

Annie Dahlquist :: Writer

Annie user picAnnie Dahlquist is probably most popularly known as an athlete, but her passions go far beyond a soccer ball. They include theories on education to vegetarianism. Coffee motivates her mornings, as well as, the current news in Flipboard. She is easy to spot on campus because of her illuminating blonde hair. You will definitely know it’s her by a strangely shaped mug filled with black coffee. If you spend some time talking to her, you’ll understand that her she day dreams often, but she is an active listener with her mind consumed in the conversation. In her future, she will own a cat and name him or her Ferguson.  He/she will be a rescue.  Annie loves many things including writing, city life, and Canada. She will travel to any city simply for all explorative purposes.

Samantha Manderfield :: Writer 

Sam user picA natural enthusiast and generally passionate person, Sam gets excited about most things, especially coffee and new ideas. She’s always eager to adventure to new places and make new friends, online and off. She aspires to live a life of traveling, learning, drinking coffee and writing. Fascinated by the complex relationship society has with technology, she’s researched and written about digital rhetoric and identity formation. Recently she’s been tapping into the fields of natural resource management and environmental policy—she’s a hippie at heart. While she’s not working on her current projects she’s pouring lattes, petsitting, and attending as many indie-folk shows as possible. She’s tumbling at