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UNDER_WIRE doesn’t only want to publish work from our own pool of writers, we want to publish your work as well! We’re always looking for new and exciting voices in feminist culture, especially from undergrad and graduate students.

Our format is pretty open–we accept written work (both fiction and nonfiction), photography, comics, videos, etc. Before submitting any work, please take a look at our site and read through some posts to get a feel for the type of stuff we usually publish.

Here are some things we are particularly interested in right now:

– Content from women in science education

– Content from women in the business world

– Sex and relationship advice

– Stories from international students

– Comedy

Send your idea or completed draft to with the full text pasted in the body of the email. Make sure to include “SUBMISSION” in the title and please please please don’t attach a document instead!

We will get back to you within a week as to whether or not we want to publish the piece. If we do, we can hash out the rest of the details later!