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What Happened this Week: Friday Links

Curious about what’s been happening on the web this week? Here’s your round-up of events, issues, and news of the day:

Felicia Day spoke out about #GamerGate and was promptly doxxed, just as she feared.

How well does Hollywood deal with and portray mental illness, pretty poorly, as it happens. Despite the fact that people with mental illness are more likely to be victims of violence instead of perpetrators, films far too often depict those with a mental illness as violent and dangerous.

A female journalist who worked to undermine the power of the Mexican cartels was brutally murdered by the cartel, and pictures of her murder tweeted from her twitter account which she had been using to spread the word about cartel violence and encourage others to resist and report cartel based crimes.

Keeping up with the child sex abuse cases in Britain? Here’s a good rundown of recent events.

This young girl has been getting viciously bullied at school for her short hair (which she cut off to donate to a cancer charity). It’s a good thing that campaigns like Spirit Day exist, calling attention to bullying based on gender expression/identity and sexual orientation.

There hasn’t always been a dearth of women in computer science, read about the history of women coders at NPR.

And, this may not be from this week, but Halloween is coming up, so here’s a note on racism, appropriation, and costumes to guide you through what costumes a good idea and which ones aren’t.



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