2019 Research Projects include:

Nanoparticle Detection

Dr. James Kah’s research area is at the intersection of nanomaterials and biological materials. This work includes the sensing of proteins, drug delivery with nanomaterials and theranostic methods to both detect and treat a cell. Dr. Kah will jointly lead the Singapore program and explore the creation of different nanostructures for the detection of viruses and proteins.


Dr. Justin C.J. Chu’s research area is the study of the host interaction with positive-strand RNA viruses, including Dengue virus and Chikungunya virus. This work
includes exploration of anti-viral therapies and viral diagnostic approaches. Dr. Chu will explore nanotechnology as a method for improving these therapies and detection platforms.

Interaction of Osmolytes and Viral Particles
Dr. Ganesh S. Anand’s research area is in mapping protein dynamics using mass spectrometry methods. This has been extended to whole viral particle assemblies and to map epitope and paratopes on antibody-whole viral particle complexes. Dr. Anand will jointly lead the Singapore program and map viral particle dynamics in the presence of perturbants such as osmolytes and antibodies.