2017 Research Projects include:

DNA interacting enzymes as biomarker for infectious diseases (Knudsen)
This project aims to develop new biosensors or sensor-like systems for sensitive and specific monitoring of important human infections using pathogen expressed DNA interacting enzymes as biomarkers. labwork3The student will learn enzyme-based assays, different optical readouts, and different methods for sample preparation and cell extraction. The goal is to determine the detection limit of one or two assay setups combined with different readouts during the eight week project along with the TopI activity under the same conditions.

Generation of a cellular system to study genome rearrangements and mutations (Bjergbaek)
This project aims at the generation of a panel of yeast strains, which are engineered in such a way that genome rearrangements and mutations can be coverimage1monitored in the vicinity of a damage site in the genome. The student will generate the yeast strains by the use of a PCR-mediated gene insertion method, which is based on homologous recombination. The student will be taught methods such as PCR, transformation of yeast cells, extraction of genomic DNA as well as detection of positive insertions also by PCR. If times allow genome rearrangements assays may also be conducted in different mutant backgrounds. The goal of the project is to determine whether different mutants affect the mutation and rearrangement rate in cells.

Biological monitoring systems (Andersen)
In vivo systems for identifying, monitoring and characterizing important biological factors including DNA interacting enzymes and DNA repair factors and in vitro studies for monitoring the effect of biochemical and environmental factors on DNA behavior. The student will learn techniques for genome modification, DNA separation, DNA damage recognition, different assays for studies of enzyme-DNA interactions (in vivo) or marking of DNA with different tags, labelings and fluorophores, monitoring of DNA topology by FRET, gel electrophoresis and qPCR (in vitro).

film-om-topologi-anni hangaard from Lisbeth Heilesen on Vimeo.